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Are you needing a Credit Report on a New Zealand or Australian Company completed?

ICMS are one of the leading Credit Reporting Agencies in New Zealand

We are Proven

Your report will be of the highest possible standard, and are endorsed by leading credit insurers and major agencies world-wide.

We employ a number of qualified chartered accountants with both professional and commercial experience ensuring we provide you with an accurate , proficient and timely report.

Our Scope

ICMS CreditSystems is the exclusive New Zealand and Australian member of the ASIAGATE Group.

Asiagate members are specifically selected credit reporting agencies based on their size, establishment, integrity and reputation from each country. Currently Asiagate covers China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

ICMS CreditSystems clients benifit from having access to sound credit reports on Asian companies they either insure, or supply to. With access to Asiagate reports clients can be assured that the information collected is of the highest standard.

Why get a Credit Report?

When a new customer applies to your company for credit, it is important you know who you are giving credit to. Get a comprehensive Credit Report on the company.

Credit Reports are a financial investigation on a company that details all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision as to whether you will offer credit. Without this information you may about to be another victim of a company that has left a trail of bad debt behind them.

  • We don’t buy cars without getting an AA Check
  • We don’t buy houses without getting a LIM Report or Building Inspection
  • No one should offer credit without getting a Credit Report

So don't go in to a business relationship blind.

Get Reports Online

ICMS CreditSystems provide an online Credit Reporting dashboard that offers a range of credit management and risk analysis reports to assist in the credit providing process.

Once your account has been set up you will have access to all products at a click of a button from anywhere, anytime.

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