Debt Collection and Recovery Services

We Are Proven

ICMS is employed by international and national corporations such as trading banks, internet service providers and retail agencies to collect outstanding debt. We are expected to be professional, smart and effective in our methods and approach.

Why Choose ICMS?

Having a robust and strong accounts receivable process is integral to the successful running of any business, however, from time to time for various reasons, your customers or clients will not pay you when you expect. As soon as you have incurred a debtor, legal remedies are immediately available to collect that money, however, the legal process is time consuming and costly, often outweighing the amount of debt outstanding. Using a debt collector who specialises in collecting outstanding debt is the most appropriate course of action first.

ICMS has been collecting debt both nationally and internationally for over 20 years now. Our approach with recovery is to try a smarter, personalised approach to get a better result.
ICMS adopts an Account Manager approach. This means that every file referred to us for collection is allocated to a specific Account Manager to personally manage that file. The Manager is able to use a variety of tools to assist with finding the debtor if need be and once contact has been made, will apply their skillset and experience to maximise recovery of the outstanding amount.

At ICMS, we have capable staff whom are supported by modern IT systems. Our Account Managers are highly experienced, persistent and educated on the relevant processes in this field. If you require assistance with collection on your accounts receivable or you have a debt ledger which is growing, we’re able to provide specialist assistance.