Credit Checks

History & Credit Check Online

Looking for a Complete Credit History or Credit Rate Checking on a New
Zealand or Australian Company

ICMS was created to meet the needs of credit checking and rating industry. Our
user friendly and interactive services lead the Credit Reporting and Debt Recovery

Your report will be of the highest possible standard and is endorsed by leading credit
insurers and major agencies world-wide.

Why Use Credit Checking

We at ICMS believe that credit checking a potential customer or an existing
customer’s credit worthiness is an essential tool to examine the financial status and
trustworthiness before offering or extending additional credit and entering into a
contractual relationship.

Whether thinking about supplying a new customer or already selling them products
or services, getting credit information on them can cut down the risks of invoices
going unpaid. Credit checking help businesses to make smarter decisions when it
comes to understanding the level of risk associated with potential new customers
or suppliers. Credit rating report is a reflection of the company. It is an extension of
brand and company image.