National and International Credit Reporting & Debt Recovery

ICMS is an organisation that specialises in debt recovery and credit reporting. Based in New Zealand with over 20 years of experience, we’re knowledgeable, effective and aware of all the applicable laws that pertain to our industry.

We currently provide services to a vast range of clients. These range from small regional businesses to large international corporations. Our approach in each circumstance is to understand what is important to our client, what is expected from us and how we can apply ourselves to be most effective in those areas.

ICMS aims to be smarter in the way outstanding debt is recovered, we use a method where debts referred to us are assigned to Account Managers who personally manage each debtor file. This allows for a more thorough and meaningful process for effective recovery.

Professionalism and integrity are values we strive to achieve in all that we undertake and do and is what you can expect from us at all times.